Formula 1 United States Gran Prix

Lots Of Action

In case you were watching NASCAR (or golf) Sunday, June 17th 2007, this is the type of action you missed.  True wheel to wheel racing.  Ok, so this happens every day in NASCAR, but in open wheel racing this can cause accidents.  These two actually bumped right before this picture was taken.  It was fast and furious.  More here.

For all you folks who have been waiting on something new to look at here, I'm working ever so slowly on a new web-site.  It just takes some time as I also have other things to do.  Anyway here's to all the wonderful folks who were at the track this year.  Some of you I met last year, some this year.  Check back occasionally for updates.

A special howdy to the Hamilton family from Scotland who were here for the race and visiting the States on holiday.  Thanks for everything, it was a pleasure.  I can't leave out Kevin (from Noblesville) nor Jerry (from Pennsylvania and who keeps beating me to the terrace corner).  Then there's the father and son Texans I sat next to on race day (forgive me guys, I've forgotten your names, but email me).  Last, but not least, there was Yvette (also a Texan) and her fiance Eric from Massachusetts.